3D printed circular bridge

Our industry must become increasingly circular. This is why it is necessary to develop new circular materials and techniques. To guarantee the quality of these materials and techniques, they are monitored live. This helps accelerate the implementation phase of the use of circular materials and techniques.

The collaboration 10XL, Damsteegt Waterwerken and Composite Structures have built a circular 3D printed bridge. For this, the Floepp sensors are used to monitor these. The fatigue of the beams is monitored by means of fiber optic sensors. The use of fiber is a good long term sensor because it does not require calibration over time.

Crack monitoring museum

Many old buildings have cracks in the walls. This is often due to a poor foundation or work that causes vibrations. This is also the case in the Werkspoormuseum in Amsterdam. Some of our IoT centers are located in the building to measure the angles of the facades. The cracks are also monitored with the specially developed IoT crack displacement sensor.